Transform your 2D vision into a mesmerizing 3D printed anime figure.

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What can you expect here?


Uniqueness and individuality

Unleashyour creativity with custom 3D Printed figures! Each One is a Unique Masterpiece, designed just for you. Let your imagination soar as your creative vision comes to life. Experience the magic of personalized Anime figures today!.


Time is taken individually for each figure. So that it not only comes as close as possible to your specifications, but also in the appropriate quality. Each work step is carried out carefully and takes time. The modeling, printing and, if desired, painting.

A contact person

Creating your custom dream figure is a collaborative process, and your input is invaluable to me. Communication is key as we work closely together to achieve the perfect result. I value your ideas, preferences, and feedback every step of the way.

Diversity and creativity

Whether my own characters, commissions or collaborations with other great artists, creativity and inspiration are to be expected.


Art takes time. That is out of the question. However, I will get in touch with you with ongoing updates on your order. Are you unsure and want to know something? Just write me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Wishes and extras

Whether in the direction of cosplay accessories, unpainted figures (garage kits) or a special taste. If you are unsure, just ask or look in the FAQs.

What others say about the Figures:

You can really see how much love and time goes into Leans figures! I didn't know what to expect and was totally surprised, she recreate the character perfectly but also breathes so much life into it and her very own touch into it! I'm so happy to have one of her artworks in my home^^
Lucina Waterbell
You can buy figures for almost every anime. Now also my own characters. With great attention to detail, my design was great! The painting is great and the assembly was easy as pie! I can only say that it is really something special! Whether for me or friends. The figure now adorns my shelf and it looks just great. 💖Gerne again!🥰
Art Stje
The figures are in really good quality.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ relatively believable to the original design. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ wrapping is really good⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Lean was wonderfully responsive to my requests and comments, which made the process and communication during the commission process very pleasant. When the figure arrived at my house I was blown away, she nailed it insanely well and I'm still happy I commissioned it from her. ♥
Vanessa Drossel
I was very, very excited to finally see my character in 3D. The figure is really well done and the colors are A-plus. Everyone who has known the gentleman for a long time was thrilled. Very professionally done and by the way, thank you for putting up with all my change requests.
Saskia Kinzig
The figure I ordered from Lean was a Christmas gift for my best friend. I always wanted to have our characters as a figure. I am completely satisfied, from start to finish I was sent pictures of the state of things and it was all done on time even if I had ordered relatively late. This will 100% not remain my last order!
Natalia Schiller
The proportions, posture and face of the figure are very well taken. Every detail has been carefully adapted and worked out. The texture in the wings is another great eye-catcher. To be able to marvel at your own drawing as a 3D figure is a beautiful experience, thank you. <3
Julian B.
Everything inside was neatly packed in air cushions. Just a little glue on some parts and the figurine was ready to go in just 5 minutes (great idea adding super glue to the package). I love everything about my commission. The paint job is pretty clean and the model itself is just epic. Over the course of this commission, it was super helpful that MissesLean was always there if I had any questions. 10 out of 10
It was amazing to work with Lean. She is so skillful at modeling: My characters turned out perfectly and were packed so lovely. Can totally recommend working with her.😊
I had such a great experience on this project from start to finish! Lean is very helpful and captured perfectly what I wanted. I’m so satisfied with the figure and would definitely commission again!
The figure came in a box that got beat up along the way, but it was safe and secure due to all the protection! The figure is super light and both feels and looks amazing. 10/10
The figurine is really incredible the work is delicate and neat, the painting on the wings is magnificent because the degrade what you did is so precise, my relatives when he sees the figurine he thinks it's an official so it's incredible realism
the pole you advised me was the best idea because it gave it a lot of softness 😊❤
Super great figures , wishes are met exactly and the quality is great :3
Drawing Like a Sir
Everything worked fantastically and looked extremely similar to my original drawing.
Also super understandable if you want to assemble the figure yourself, extremely simple and easy to understand.
and easy to understand. Super pleasant experience!
Junie Junette
Working with Lean was incredible smooth and easy ! She answered all my questions quickly and very clearly. She was eager to correct my figure even for the smallest details ending up to get the perfect cutest little custom chibis ever ! It was well packed until the end. It was my first experience commissioning a figure and it was a real good one ! Don't hesitate to work with her ! I can't wait to see what she'll do in the future and probably... Working with her again !
I am so happy about my beautiful figure! Anyone who creates their own characters knows how much time and love goes into them. Lean really managed to capture the essence of my character completely and fleshed it out in great detail! Communication was straightforward and professional - just great. ❤️
Sukis Art
I am super satisfied 😁 the figure has become super great and I found it great that I always get answers to questions immediately ☺
The figure was very easy to assemble and by the individual parts it could be painted excellent ☺
Thank you for all the beautiful pictures. She looks really really strong. That's exactly how I imagined it. Also the details, the colors and the water look just wonderfully coherent. Also the highlights on the blue hair, that looks much better than my drawing.
I'm glad I came to you with the order :) As I will definitely turn to you for the next figure in the future as well. This is exactly the style and level of detail I was looking for.
Who hasn't often wished to have their own character as a figure? Lean fulfills exactly that wish! I can' t tell you how happy I am with my acquisition of her. You can see the love and effort that went into it, the colors were chosen with care that they are also the right ones and with the packaging it goes on just as lovingly that also nothing gets on it! It was the first and definitely not the last time I will hire Lean for a figure.
It makes you feel like a little kid at Christmas!
Vanessa D.
My first commissioned figure and I'm absolutely thrilled! You can see the love and hard work put into the figure itself. The colors are amazing, and all the cute and beautiful details ❤️
The communication was always smooth. Whenever I had questions, I was always helped, and everything was considered and addressed with love and kindness.
My figure was a gift for my friend, who was completely speechless seeing their character come to life in 3D!

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